Swift Brew Cold Brew Blend for swift energy

Our Swift Brew Blend
is back by popular demand!

A dynamic blend gives this coffee a perfect balance of acidity, tannin, and sweetness that are key elements for a smooth and flavorful cold brew or iced coffee.

We are committed to bringing true value and quality to Costco's coffee-loving customers.

The Organic Portland House is medium-roasted, well-balanced, and perfectly blended to please everyone in your family or all of your friends.
Rakers tend to the beans after harvest
Pruners carefully maintain the plants
Tasters ensure coffee quality
Roasters bring the bean to life
Baristas: the final stop on the coffee journey
Dryers also sort for quality
Pickers carefully select each cherry


Bold, bright and full of flavor. And thatโ€™s just whatโ€™s on the bag. Our new packaging celebrates the people of Portland Coffee Roasters and the love that goes into each step of bringing our meticulously sourced and carefully roasted coffee to you.ย