Rakers tend to the beans after harvest
Pruners carefully maintain the plants
Tasters ensure coffee quality
Roasters bring the bean to life
Baristas: the final stop on the coffee journey
Dryers also sort for quality
Pickers carefully select each cherry


Dear Portland Coffee Roasters Customers,

Our sincere thoughts are with everyone affected by the recent outbreak of COVID-19. We are making it our top priority to ensure our customers and employees are safe and healthy by closely following guidelines by the CDC and WHO. We are fully implementing all measures advised by local, state and federal health agencies to keep our working environment safe and sanitized, and to prevent spread of the virus. 

We know how a simple thing like a cup of coffee can play an important role in our lives during times of uncertainty. Our production team continues to freshly roast coffee every day and we are open for business with safeguards in place. Our communication lines are open and our customer service team is here to support you.

Please check out our shop to see what we can ship to your door. Shipping is included.

Please stay safe,
Portland Coffee Roasters Team

We’ll continue to update this section with any important news. 

Oak Street Cafe is open 7am to 2pm, Monday through Friday for pickup orders. And now delivering via Grubhub!

Pioneer Cafe is currently closed until further notice.

PDX Cafes are open with limited morning hours.

Our headquarters are currently open and operating from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Thursday. We’re taking every precaution to maintain the health and safety of our staff while continuing to operate in these trying times.



A young cooperative, Union y Fe was founded in 2014 in the well-established growing region of San Ignacio, Cajamarca located in the Andes Mountains of Peru. The cooperative currently offers a micro lot exclusively from its women growers called Sumac Warmi, which means “Beautiful Women” in the ancient Inca empire Quechua language. This lot gives the 32 women members the opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for the incredible care they give their plants and their commitment to quality. This light roasted and medium-bodied coffee is Certified Fair Trade Organic, with notes of plum, fig and honey.
32 Women Seasonal Roast
Organic | Light Roast

Medium-bodied, with notes of plum, fig and honey. Washed processed and Certified Fair Trade Organic


(includes shipping)


Bold, bright and full of flavor. And that’s just what’s on the bag. Our new packaging celebrates the people of Portland Coffee Roasters and the love that goes into each step of bringing our meticulously sourced and carefully roasted coffee to you.