Honoring partnerships over the last 25 years

This year marks the 25th  anniversary of building longstanding relationships with people in the global coffee community.
We would like to thank you for making it all possible.

This special blend of coffee from Costa Rica is dedicated to our customer over the past 25 years!

We thought our 25-year milestone of doing good and making good coffee merited something special, so we came up with this limited-time offering, Anniversary Roast.

Mighty Peace, Congo

We worked with Mighty Peace Coffee, a fully integrated social impact company, to bring in the highest quality Fair Trade Organic coffee from Congo this season.

Their cooperative partner holds Fair Trade and Organic certifications. The sale of this coffee will help to improve the living conditions of their members in Congo, provide schooling, housing, jobs, while promoting women’s and pygmy rights.

Roast level: Light

Tasting notes: cocoa, ripe fruits, cane sugar, with a full body and a clean aftertaste.

Available for a limited time only.

Light Roast

Cocoa, Ripe Fruits, Cane Sugar, with a full body and a clean aftertaste


(includes shipping)
Rakers tend to the beans after harvest
Pruners carefully maintain the plants
Tasters ensure coffee quality
Roasters bring the bean to life
Baristas: the final stop on the coffee journey
Dryers also sort for quality
Pickers carefully select each cherry


Bold, bright and full of flavor. And that’s just what’s on the bag. Our new packaging celebrates the people of Portland Coffee Roasters and the love that goes into each step of bringing our meticulously sourced and carefully roasted coffee to you.