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Anniversary Roast

Fruity and Balanced

Anniversary Roast is a unique blend of coffee from Colombia and Costa Rica. This coffee has a nice acidity and body, with some citrus fruit, plum, and chocolate notes. Enjoy this Anniversary Roast with our thanks for making it possible to celebrate 28 years of "doing good and making great coffee" 

Roast Level: Medium

Origin: Costa Rica and Colombia

Tasting Notes: Fruity and Balanced

How do the years go by so fast? 

We thought our 28-year milestone of Doing Good and making great coffee merited something special, so we came up with this limited-time offering, our Anniversary Roast.


To give a sense of our history, we wanted to give you a look back in time and see how Portland Coffee Roasters began. 


Co-founder and managing partner, Mark Stell, made two important coffee-related trips in the '90s. 

He attended an Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to learn about the impact of climate change and sustainability. He also visited coffee farms for the first time, in Costa Rica and El Salvador, where he learned what it takes to grow good coffee.


These two visits shaped the mission of Portland Coffee Roasters. Ever since these trips, Mark has sought to learn as much as possible about the cultures of coffee-growing regions and eco-friendly farming and business practices.  

The beauty and uniqueness of every coffee we buy continually fuel my curiosity about how to maintain quality and sustainability, including caring for the land and the people who work in coffee-growing regions.

Under Mark’s leadership, Portland Coffee Roasters company has focused on acting responsibly while having fun and positively impacting lives.  
Creating strong and lasting relationships with our global coffee community is a fundamental value of Portland Coffee Roasters.

Beginning with our first direct trade coffee from La Hilda Estate in Costa Rica, we have continued to build on our commitment to improving the lives of the people with whom we work. 

Through this commitment we've helped communities in East Africa gain access to clean drinking water, helped build schools in India, Sumatra, and Papua New Guinea, and helped bring proper sanitation facilities to farm families in Colombia and Guatemala.