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About Our Coffee

We’re committed to our efforts to build strong, lasting relationships with our growers. Along the way, we’ve built an intimate understanding of the lengths these farmers go to grow and harvest coffee of the highest quality. We celebrate the fact that, without producers invested in growing the highest quality coffee, no amount of effort in our roastery would be able to create the end results we’re so proud to offer you.



Before your coffee ever reaches your cup, it travels thousands of miles and is touched by dozens of hands. At every step, from the cherry on the tree that holds the bean to the harvest to the washing to the roasting, decisions are made that influence its quality. And for each of those decisions, we have a point of view and desire to bring the best beans to you.


We prioritize Fair Trade, Organic, and Rainforest Alliance-certified coffees. In addition, we purchase most of our coffee directly from farmers and co-ops that we have known and built relationships with for over 20 years. 

All our beans are specialty grade Arabica coffee. We only purchase coffees that we have tasted, and that scored well above the specialty minimum standard in our own lab. We buy thoughtfully, and seasonally, and we ensure that our farmers are paid fairly. 


The best coffees grows all over the world, between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. In rainforests or in mountains, in small farms or large, specific sets of climate and geography come together to produce truly memorable beans. 

We work with farmers and importers from around the world to source consistently excellent coffee. We don’t just buy coffee—we partner with growers and farms to improve the lives of the communities where our coffee comes from.


All our coffees are fully traceable from farm to cup. Our beans are either sourced directly from farms that we have visited, toured and inspected ourselves, or from trusted importation partners who keep meticulous records about the coffee’s origins. We can track every bag of coffee back to specific farms, often even to specific blocks of those farms. 


Great coffee starts on the farm. The people who grow it, tend it, learn it and love it are who we rely on to bring out the best in the bean. That’s what they do. The bean is our ingredient, and once we have them in the roastery we seek to showcase all the effort and care that our growers put into it. 


After we’ve found great coffee, we work hard to create roast profiles that retain each coffee’s sense of place, then enhance it with the talents of our roasting team. From light and sparkling single-origin offerings all the way to full-bodied and chocolatey dark roasts, every coffee and every blend has a sweet spot that we hit every time.
The care and attention paid to each roast reflects our dedication to providing you with the best quality coffee possible.