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Moka Pot

Steps 1-3

1. Boil water in a separate kettle or pot. Using hot water will help keep the coffee from over-brewing.

2. Fill the filter basket with ground coffee and level it with your finger. The coffee should be ground at a drip setting (slightly finer than table salt). Depending on your brewer, this amount of coffee can range from 14-20 grams of coffee.

3. Pour the hot water into the base of the Moka Pot up to the fill line, and insert the filter basket. Screw the top on to the base, but be careful as the base will be very hot.


Steps 4-5

4. Put the assembled Moka Pot onto your stove, set to medium heat, with the lid open.

5. Keep an eye on the brewer; once the brewer starts to make a gurgling sound, remove the pot from the heat source, and run the base under cool water to stop the brewing.

Step 6

6. Pour out the brewed coffee and enjoy.