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French Press Brew Guide

This is the recipe recommended for brewing our coffee on a French Press.

Needed items:

8 cup French Press Coffee Maker

Kettle/Hot water



Optional (but recommended) items:


Burr-style Grinder

Coffees we suggest trying on this brewer:

Organic French


Organic Dark Sumatra


How to brew a French Press

1. Bring your water to a boil. Pour 54 grams (approximately 9 TBS) of ground coffee into your 1 liter French press. 

2. Start your timer. Pour boiled water over the grounds making sure that they are completely saturated. Fill the French press with 900 ml (approximately 4 cups) water.

3. Replace the top of the French press, but make sure the plunger is all the way up.

4. Let brew 4 Minutes

5. After 4 minutes, slowly lower the plunger all the way down.

6. Serve immediately or decant into another vessel to stop the brewing process. Pour, enjoy, repeat.