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Blood Drives! I say that with excitement because I am very happy that Portland Roasting has taken on hosting blood drives multiple times a year.  The thought of giving blood leaves many people squeamish and often sick to their stomach.  We all hear about the need for blood when catastrophes happen and we think “Well, I don’t live there so there is no way that I can make a difference”.  The truth is that you CAN still make a difference regardless of where you live in relation to that catastrophe.  Blood will get shipped state to state to help out when tragedies happen and there is a need in Oregon for blood as well.

The truth is that you CAN still make a difference regardless of where you live in relation to that catastrophe.

Why does Portland Roasting want to host blood drives? For many years we have focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (link here) that are focused around 17 different areas where the UN has seen a need for action.  Goal 3 is Good Health and Well-being and the focus is around working to provide healthy lives and for people of all ages around the world.  We focus on creating better lives at origin by working on projects in coffee growing countries, however, we wanted our employees and customers to have the ability to also feel like they were able to do something good as well.  Many employees wanted to give blood but didn’t have time in their schedules to make it to blood drives. So, we thought, let’s just schedule a drive at our office and give them the opportunity to give blood during their work day!

Today is our 5th blood drive with the Red Cross and we are happy to say that they are a success!  Hosting these blood drives is just one of the things that we do as a company to connect us to our Portland community.  Our next blood drive is July 22nd from 10am to 3pm and we hope you can make it!

Daniel Moore
Actually, this was written by Daniel’s esteemed predecessor, Michelle Singler. They are both great though.