This is a community lot of coffees from smallholder producers, all farming in the region of Nariño, a very special place to love coffee. This region is geographically, climatically and culturally distinct from neighboring states, and the flavor profiles mirror that uniqueness with a very juicy, sweet, clean cup of coffee. Farmers in the region tend to have small plots of land, and biodiversity is traditional- meaning that plenty of ground cover, shade trees, and household food crops characterize most coffee plantations. In the cup you’ll find a sweet, clean, and almost savory coffee; with notes of Tropical fruit, cinnamon, milk chocolate, and juicy body.

Holiday Roast

This year’s Holiday Roast comes from Mexico’s Oaxaca region, which is known for its ideal coffee-growing climate due to its high altitude and humidity level. It is a light roast that brings out a caramel-like sweetness, with notes of dark chocolate and raisins, and a hint of mulling spice. Enjoy this coffee, and help us achieve our goal of raising $10,000 this year!

Flavor Notes: Dark Chocolate & Raisins

Available for a limited time only.


Light Roast, Medium Bodied

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate & Raisins


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Acacia Hills Coffee Estate

is one of the wildest coffee estates in the world. Elephants and buffalo roam wild around the farm and so do most other animals. This special place grows coffee at some of the highest altitudes in Africa – 6000 feet! – on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater.

For over 13 years we have partnered with the farm to grow specialty coffee both for us and other great coffee roasters. We helped them establish many amazing varieties from some of the best regions in the world.  Our founder, Mark Stell, visits the farm every year helping it to produce some of the best coffees in the world. 

Flavor Notes: Black Tea and Honey

Available for a limited time only.

Light Roast

Black Tea & Honey


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