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Coffee Design: Portland Coffee Roasters In Portland, Oregon

From a Sprudge interview with our designer, Taylor Engel:

What’s the motivation behind the change?

Our decision to update our name from Portland Roasting Coffee to Portland Coffee Roasters was to put the emphasis back on the people we partner with to bring you your coffee. Our original packaging featuring coffee seedlings that never really stood out, and in thinking about our refresh, we felt it focused too much on the coffee and less on the people. We updated our packaging to be bright and youthful while telling the story of who we are and what we stand for.

Why are aesthetics in coffee packaging so important?

Portland Coffee Roasters continues to be committed to building and strengthening sustainable coffee communities with everyone involved in the coffee chain. The doodle concept illustrates the global coffee community and also represents who we are as a company. Doodles are fun and approachable; they are a genuine expression of human nature and creativity. The doodle theme of our new packaging meshes perfectly with the culture and personality of Portland Coffee Roasters––understated, accessible and unpretentious.

Read the whole thing right here.