Organic Peru

We’ve sourced this Organic Peru coffee from one of our longest importing relationships we have and are very excited to carry this amazing coffee.

Our Organic Peru coffee is from the region of San Martin, on the eastern side of the Andes Mountains.

This is an excellent representation of the wonderful organic coffee coming out of Peru, with notes of brown sugar, maple syrup sweetness, and a full body.

Here are some pictures of our Director of Coffee, Jesse, on his most recent trip to Peru.

When we visit coffee farms we get to meet the people who work directly with coffee and see all the processes up-close and first-hand. We always come away from the experience with more knowledge and coffee picking under our belt.

Cooperatives in the region promote the idea of diversification by growing other crops alongside coffee, such as cocoa and honey. This has helped the poverty level in the region drop from 70% down to 31%