This giving season we're doing more.

Our Goal: $8000
Progress so far toward our goal of $8000

Empowering the next generation​


We had a great season and we hope you did too! The 2019 holiday campaign was our best Holiday Roast fundraiser EVER. We’ll update this page with the results soon!

For every bag of Holiday Roast sold, we’re donating $1 to Escuela de Caficultura in Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

Our goal is to raise enough to sponsor the students for one year of instruction, or about $8,000. ​

Escuela de Caficultura teaches essential coffee knowledge and skills: coffee seed genetics, plantation renewal, soil conservation, shade trees, fertilization, and disease management. Through this program, the school works to bring generations together, helping ensure coffee cultivation continues as a way to provide a dignified, prosperous life for the community.

About the school

The logo is of the book of life, and you can see the Greek letters Alpha and Omega, each representing learning (aprendizaje in Spanish) and guidance (orientación in Spanish). The school wants to unite youth and elders together to improve the lives of everyone through coffee cultivation and education- the pencil through the center shows the importance of education. Through the school, they hope that they can ensure that both generations come together so that coffee cultivation can continue to be a way of life that is prosperous and seen as suitable, for both newer and older generations. They want all generations of people in the Huista area to have quality- quality in their product, and quality of life through a dignified life.