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Tilikum Crossing Decaf

For Mason Jar Starter Kits, we recommend Drip grind size.

For French Press Starter Kits, we recommend French Press grind size.

Tilikum Crossing Decaf

Medium Roast

Tilikum Crossing is one of Portland’s newest bridges in a city that’s famous for them. Portlanders are proud of the fact that it is the first major bridge in the U.S. that was designed to allow access to transit vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians but not cars. We named our signature Swiss Water® Process decaf blend (formerly known as Vienna Decaf) after it—a full-bodied shot with notes of graham, caramel, and a clean finish. It’s as distinctive as the bridge it’s named for. It is great as a decaf cup of coffee or a decaf espresso.

Graham cracker and molasses

100 ct (100 cups total)


(includes shipping)

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