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Meet Lucia, President of Sumac Warmi

Lucia, on the challenges she faces
“It is a challenge to manage my farm and at the same time care for my family. The most difficult part of my work is overcoming the shortage of economic resources needed to develop and invest in my farm.”
Lucia, on what's rewarding about her work
"The most rewarding part of my work is the harvest ad the sale of production and obtaining the best cup quality based on all of my effort and dedication.”
Lucia, on her dreams for the future
"My dreams are to grow as a woman leader, helping other women strengthen their technical skills and administration capacities for the sake of their families and to improve the infrastructure of my home and wet mill to increase the productivity of my farm.”

This lot is offered with the purpose of valuing and strengthening the work of women coffee growers. It allows us to drive economic sustainability and social and environmental progress for the families of the organization.

What makes women’s cooperatives, and women’s groups within cooperatives, so significant is that they put the power, and the money, into the hands of women.​

We hope you enjoy this light roast, medium-bodied coffee with notes of fig and honey at home!

32 Women Seasonal Roast
Organic | Light Roast

Medium-bodied, with notes of plum, fig and honey. Washed processed and Certified Fair Trade Organic


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