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Jesse's Blend

Blueberry-Lemon Pastry & Craft Chocolate 


This 8oz limited-release coffee was crafted to honor the memory of Jesse Clark, our former Director of Coffee, who passed on May the 2nd, 2023. 

Sourced and developed by our Roasting team, this special blend contains both washed and natural processed coffees from farms in Ethiopia and Colombia, in spirit of the juicy and balanced blends Jesse enjoyed creating. 

Tasting notes included grape jelly, berry pastry, craft chocolate, honey, cherry cordial, and dried cherry.  

$2 for every bag sold will be donated to the Oregon Dog Rescue in Jesse’s honor. 


First roast and shipments for this limited coffee begin on 5/13/24.


Roast Level: Light

Origin: Ethiopia and Colombia

Tasting Notes: Blueberry-Lemon Pastry, Craft Chocolate 


One year ago, our hearts collectively sank as we learned that Jesse Clark, our Director of Coffee, had passed. He wasn't just a colleague; he was a mentor, friend, guiding light, and was intrinsic to building a collaborative and nurturing company culture. His enthusiasm for coffee, unwavering work ethic, and humility left an indelible mark on all of us. 


On the first anniversary of his passing, we're honored to introduce Jesse’s Blend — a special roast crafted in his memory. We hope this coffee is a fitting tribute to the person we all miss dearly, and we hope to help keep his memory alive with every brew. 

Sourced and developed by our Roasting team who worked closely with Jesse, this coffee is inspired by the juicy and balanced blends he enjoyed creating. 

When this coffee is brewed hot, we taste grape jelly, berry pastry, craft chocolate, honey, and cherry cordial. As it cools, herbal qualities become more prominent. The body is syrupy and smooth with a finish that reminds us of grapefruit and black tea.

We strongly recommend trying this coffee brewed over ice. When cold, the coffee bursts with berry sweetness and citrus acidity with a creamy body, almost like lemon-blueberry muffins.

Jesse's Blend is a departure from our typical coffee offerings. It is a unique 50/50 blend of two delicious coffees: a washed Ethiopia Gedeb and an anaerobic natural processed Pacamara from Colombia.

The natural-processed Colombia Pacamara is produced by Don Alirio Rodriguez in Huila, Colombia. He has spent the last 25 years perfecting his method for growing and processing Pacamara coffees. This small selection from his farm was harvested as ripe cherry and then fermented in an anaerobic environment for 120 hours to enhance the juicy sweetness. The Roasting team selected this coffee to honor Jesse's love of natural processed coffee. 

The washed Ethiopia Gedeb was sourced by METAD, an agricultural development agency in Ethiopia. METAD has a long history of strengthening local coffee communities in the Guji and Sidama zones, including partnering with Grounds for Health in Ethiopia to implement a cervical cancer screening program. This bright, floral coffee was imported by our long-time partner Royal Coffee. Jesse worked with Royal for years, often sourcing our "Enthusiast" coffees from their Crown Jewel lineup.

$2 for every bag sold will be donated to the Oregon Dog Rescue. Before his career in coffee, Jesse was a vet tech and cared deeply for his pets, and we want this coffee to benefit a cause close to his heart. He was often a man of few words — but ask him about one of his pets and that could get him talking for a while, and sharing a few cute pictures.