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Endless Summer

Honey & Berry

This summer, let your cup transport you to a place of endless sunshine and good vibes. Portland Coffee Roasters is proud to introduce Endless Summer, our brand new medium roast that captures the carefree spirit of the season in every delicious sip. 

 Roast Level: Medium

Origin: Ethiopia

Tasting Notes: Honey & Berry 


Sun-soaked days and endless possibilities – that's the feeling we packaged up in our new Endless Summer roast. Whether you're soaking up the sun at the beach, lounging in your hammock, or simply yearning for a taste of summer, Endless Summer is your perfect companion.  



Chase the Endless Summer with our sunshine-filled brew. We meticulously roast a special coffee from Ethiopia, coaxing out sweet notes of honey and a burst of juicy berries. This smooth, balanced cup is perfect for chasing away the morning chill or keeping you cool on a hot afternoon.



Whether you're craving a hot pick-me-up on a crisp morning or a cool escape on a scorching afternoon, Endless Summer is your perfect companion. Its smooth, medium roast shines through in every brew, making it delicious hot or iced. 


Endless Summer originates from Ethiopia's historic Yirgacheffe district –  where indigenous coffee plants have yielded some of the world’s tastiest coffees for centuries. A combination of local coffee varieties is processed carefully at the Hada Molecha washing station of the notable Aricha coffee mill. Here, it goes through an innovative 72-hour fermentation cycle, where it's closely monitored to ensure it meets its full potential. In addition to developing a uniquely concentrated flavor profile, this method saves water, reducing the ecological consequences of the washed coffee process.

Find Endless Summer online, in our cafés, and at select New Seasons Markets!