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Despite our best wishes, there is no single key to success in the coffee industry. If there were, we imagine it would be similar to this quote from a certain basketball superstar:

We ❤️ Blood Drives!

Blood Drives! I say that with excitement because I am very happy that Portland Roasting has taken on hosting blood drives multiple times a year. The thought of giving blood leaves many people squeamish and often sick to their stomach. We all hear about the need for blood when catastrophes happen and we think “Well, I don’t live there so there is no way that I can make a difference”. The truth is that you CAN still make a difference regardless of where you live in relation to that catastrophe. Blood will get shipped state to state to help out when tragedies happen and there is a need in Oregon for blood as well.

La Hilda Daycare in Costa Rica

Since 2004, in the community of La Hilda, Portland Roasting Coffee has been working with The Coffee Source to fund a proper place to care, nurture and educate children of farm families and also for those children who accompany migrant families working the in the harvest.