Our Spring 2020 Coffee from Sumac Warmi Collective

The name “Sumac Warmi highlights the innate qualities typical of the Coipeña woman because she uses her strength, dedication, and effort to produce the best coffee possible, demonstrating that women are entrepreneurs and fighters.

Escuela de Caficultura

Coffee has long been known to nurture communities in ways big and small. Who doesn’t love sitting down with a friend or neighbor over a cup of locally roasted coffee? Really, it’s those cups we here at Portland Coffee Roasters like the most.

Water treatment in Caldas, Colombia

Portland Roasting Coffee is working with Portland Global Initiatives and the Human Bean along with The Coffee Source to make a huge difference in the lives of 168 farmers in Colombia. Our objective is to produce a wastewater collection facility at every coffee farm (total: 168 farms) within the entire region of Caldas, Colombia.

Healthy Home Kits in Guatemala

Portland Coffee Roasters has partnered with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala to help provide Healthy Home Kits for coffee farmers who work at Finca El Paternal farm, located in Huehuetenango. The Healthy Home Kits include smokeless stoves, sanitary latrines, and purifying water filters for the homes of farmers.

Honduras Water project

In 2013 Portland Roasting Coffee partnered with Portland Global Initiatives (PGI) and Water Brigades to empower the people of rural Honduras to have access to clean sufficient water by tackling water issues in communities in one of the hottest, driest, and water scarce regions of the country, South Honduras. The first location focused on was El Ojochal, […]

Tanzania Water Project

Portland Roasting Coffee partnered with Portland Global Initiatives, Acacia Hills Coffee Estate, and Java Jackets to embark on a project that has brought drinking water closer to the homes of 2000 people in Tanzania. Part I: Deep in a forest, up high on a hill After doing an assessment of how much time it took each […]

UN World Water Day

2009-2013 UN World Water Day was created to focus attention on the growing water crisis—more than 1 billion people worldwide do not have access to clean water. Events happen all over the world, and the Walk for Water is Portland’s only registered UN event. Through his African travels, managing partner Mark Stell recognized that when […]


2012 We partnered with World Vision in 2012 to support their WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) project with funds raised from the 4th annual Walk for Water. WASH was started in 2011 and is a five year program slated to end in 2016. The program “aims to achieve a target of 90 percent access to […]


2012 In April of 2012 Portland Roasting Coffee partnered with Portland Global Initiatives and the Portland coffee community to put on a fundraising block party called Coffeelandia. The purpose of Coffeelandia was to raise money to fund a water project being completed by non-profit organization Global Brigades in a rural village in Honduras. The party […]


2011 In 2011, with funds raised through the Walk for Water fundraising event, we completed a four-part water well construction project in conjunction with non-profit group Water for All. With the help of the Malawian government, four schools were selected as areas with the greatest need. Using local materials and funding provided by Portland Roasting, […]