Jusuf Nurkić Coffee:

Bosnian Beans

Bosnian Beans is a coffee collaboration between Portland Coffee Roasters and the Bosnian Beast, Jusuf Nurkić. Bosnian Beans coffee is not actually from Bosnia, but Jusuf Nurkić is! He was born in Bosnia and came to the US to play basketball. His nickname is the Bosnian Beast as he stands nearly 7 feet tall! His day job is playing Center for the Trail Blazers, but he has another passion in life, coffee! 


Sales of this coffee have re-opened! Get your bag while it lasts!


A Coffee Made for Nurkić

We met with the Bosnian Beast himself, Jusuf Nurkić, at our Oak Street Cafe to do a coffee tasting and create this blend of coffee based on his taste preferences. The result is a smooth and chocolaty cup of coffee. Bosnian Beans coffee tastes great as an espresso shot and as a brewed cup of coffee. Try this coffee today and share it with some good company!

Doing good and making good coffee with Bosnian Beans

Jusuf Nurkić established the Foundation in 2020 to positively impact the lives of youth, women, and the community in his home country of Bosnia. The Foundation also operates in the community of Portland, Oregon where Jusuf plays for the Trailblazers.


Tall man, tall bag!

Bosnian Beans coffee comes in a tall 2LB bag so that it doesn’t look ridiculously small when Nurkić is holding it. It also happens to give coffee lovers a unique balance of value and freshness, with over double the amount of coffee in a typical 12oz bag. 

Bosnian Beans coffee is offered exclusively through Portland Coffee Roasters and can only be found on our website.

Bosnian Beans coffee is back by popular demand.