Prioritize progress, not perfection

We believe in the power of business to create positive change. It’s been at the core of how we operate since day one, and we’re constantly seeking ways to reduce our environmental and social impact. 

We know sustainability is about making steady progress, not reaching some final destination. Portland Coffee Roasters  is proud of the steps we take to improve our operations, and we’re focused on how to continue improving. 

Good business

We recently recertified with Sustainability at Work through the City of Portland and received Gold Certification for the third time in a row! We are excited to continue our sustainability efforts and hope to get better each year.

Wind powered

Our headquarters and other buildings are supplied by 100% renewable energy. We’ve purchased over 423,000 kWhs of clean energy, all generated in the Pacific Northwest. That’s equal to the power consumed by 433 average Oregon homes for a year!

Green facilities

All our organic waste is composted, over 56.5 metrics tons of waste is recycled per year, and we use skylights and motion activated lights installed to cut down on electricity usage. Only post-consumer recycled paper products (at least 80% post-consumer waste) used in office.

Bike delivered

Zero emission deliveries for close-in and downtown customers via B-Line bicycle delivery. We’re one of B-Line’s original customers and are delighted to see how much they’ve grown alongside us.

Burlap Bag Recycling Program

We strive to use as little as possible, and to reuse and recycle as much as possible.  As part of this effort, we make our empty burlap bags available to the public.  If you would like to take some of these with you for your garden, landscaping, DIY project, or other, please feel free to pick up what you need near our SE 7th Ave roll-up door, Thursday mornings between 9:00 and noon.  We set the bags on a pallet outside for you to load up & haul away.  There may not always be enough for everyone so please keep this in mind.  Thank you for being part of the solution!